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Freight forwarding

Freight forwarding in the port is a popular service, especially in demand for multimodal container transportation. CargoTransBalt specialists carry out freight forwarding in the Seaport of St. Petersburg — we will meet, properly arrange and monitor the safety of the cargo along its entire route, and we will inform the client about the condition of its goods at each stage of transportation.


Freight forwarding in the port includes the following steps:

  • Full processing of all information relating to the expected goods.
  • Collection, processing of accompanying and shipping documents from all ship, line agents.
  • Choosing the most suitable terminal directly for working with goods.
  • Obtaining the necessary permits for the movement and storage of oversized, heavy and dangerous goods.
  • Registration of intra-terminal and intra-port documents.
  • Transhipment of goods to other means of transport.
  • Passing the general process of cargo inspection at the request of the consignee.
  • Registration of the necessary screening operations, as well as the weighing of goods at the request of the appropriate authorities.
  • Receiving client’s cargo in the terminal.
  • Providing special storage of those goods that require special conditions. For example, the required temperature.
  • Obtaining permits directly for the export of goods from the country.
  • General control of the shipment of goods.
  • Receipt, payment and verification of terminal invoices for work performed.



Ordering freight forwarding services at CargoTransBaltic is the optimal solution for those who want to save time, money and their own human resources when carrying out cargo transportation. Our company’s specialists will carry out all the procedures related to the reception, design and tracking of goods. We will prepare a full package of accompanying documents, obtain the necessary permits, monitor the loading and storage of cargo, and perform the necessary calculations with the terminals.

Customs Clearance Department:+7 (812) 244-94-09
St. Petersburg, st. Marshal Govorov, d. 35, lit. A, room 16-H, office 213

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