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Container shipping

The CargoTransBaltic company carries out container shipping. We provide various types of transport services. Cargo delivery by sea is carried out in full with the Seaport of St. Petersburg in full accordance with RSM — it is safe, convenient and economical.


For transportation of goods, special containers are used, which vary in type (dry, bulk, open, closed, thermal containers, and so on) and size. The most common dimensions:

  • 20 feet — suitable for the transport of compact or small trucks;
  • 40 feet — for bulk but light loads;
  • 45 feet — containers with increased height and capacity.


The St. Petersburg Sea Port is a major transport hub connecting the European part of Russia with the rest of the world. Thanks to this, export and import freight can be carried out from almost any main port in the USA, China, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia or Oceania.


Container shipping is the best solution for those who are interested in the safe delivery of goods over long distances. Transportation by sea has a low cost, and the use of existing containers guarantees a high degree of protection of their contents at all stages of the delivery of goods. Working with us is not only profitable, but also convenient.

  • We work on a turnkey basis. The client’s task is to indicate the starting and ending points of transportation. We solve all organizational issues ourselves.
  • The ability to choose the best freight from different sea lines and transport carriers guarantees optimal prices.
  • We work both with large and small companies, and we have experience in transporting a wide variety of goods, including high-risk cargo.
  • The geography of container shipping is so vast that it allows you to deliver goods on almost any route.
  • Our team of performers guarantees the reliability and safety of cooperation with CargoTransBaltic.
Customs Clearance Department:+7 (812) 244-94-09
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