Customs Clearance
Department: +7 (812) 244-94-09


Container shipping
International container shipping of import and exportcargo to anywhere in the world by sea
Freight forwarding
The company provides a range of services for fast and efficient freight forwarding at any terminal
Customs clearance
Customs clearance of goodspasses all import and exportcargo crossing the border of the Russian Federation
Delivery by rail
Cargo transportation by rail with us is a high level of services, affordable tariffs and short delivery times
Auto delivery
Automobile container transportation, like all types of transportation in our company, is professionally planned at all stages
Terminal and warehouse operations
If the customer needs to change the vehicle and / or store cargo in the warehouse, we are ready to offer a number of services
Consolidated cargo
Groupage cargo transportation is a type of transportation in which cargoes of several dimensionsthat are different in size are delivered on one vehicle and in one direction.
International transport of personal belongings
The CargoTransBaltic company provides freight forwarding services, including to individuals.International shipping for individuals is carried out using road transport.
Transportation of oversized cargo and yachts
This service is necessary for those who need to transport industrial equipment, specialequipment, building structures, large-capacity tanks and more.
Customs Clearance Department:+7 (812) 244-94-09
St. Petersburg, st. Marshal Govorov, d. 35, lit. A, room 16-H, office 213

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